Systems Thinking Schools of Thought and Research:


This introductory list of Systems Thinking Schools of Thought and Research has been assembled to commence with the launch of the Global Association for Systems Thinking® website. The first six schools of thought (right) were those used as foundational research at the 2010 International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) Conference, held in Waterloo, Canada.


Future Development:

This is an initial list and the Association would like your input to incorporate additional schools of thought that are of significance to Systems Thinking foundational research and development.

Notably, there are many models, frameworks, and applications that build off the foundational research and methods. However the Association prefers to distinguish these from the foundational research and keep them separate.


New Submissions:

If you would like to add to the Systems Thinking Schools of Thought and Research section, please submit all necessary information and justification. This content will be reviewed by qualified members of the Association’s Board of Advisors, Thought Leaders, and/or appropriate Expert &Coordinator(s). Chosen submissions will be added to the website.

Submit information here to Association Founder, Stephen Haines.